Review of Toxic Minds by Gordon Bickerstaff

Review of Toxic Minds by Gordon Bickerstaff

Just sharing my little review of a fellow indie author’s work!


Most of you will know by now that I love to read fellow indie writers and give them a hand, as many authors have done for me too. I found Gordon Bickerstaff’s work through recommendation so I’m happy to pass it along, just as fellow authors do the same for me. Gordon and I entered no specific mutual review agreement.

toxic minds gordon bickerstaff

Toxic Minds is not my usual genre of choice- I’m a fantasy reader, typically- but this reminded me that the thriller genre can offer just as many surprises and unusual characters. Toxic Minds has a slightly unusual pace which may not appeal to all readers, but rest assured that you will be taken on roller coaster action rides as well as thoughtful journeys through mystery.

I found the characters very realistic- Gavin Shawlens is a great example, as a man of action who is nevertheless not confrontational or combative. He reminds us that important events are steered and lives are saved by thought, kindness and decisiveness, not just by waving a gun around like James Bond. In this novel, the gun toting and ass kicking is performed by a surprising assortment of powerful leading ladies.

This book swings from heart-wrenching family drama, which may even be distressing for some readers, to high-stakes action on a grand scale. The way these stories weave together is quite shocking. While I have not read previous Gavin Shawlens stories, this was no impediment to understanding the events taking place. I’d be interested to delve into the broader series.


You can check out Gordon’s author profile here, or grab the book here.

I hope you’ll have a nosey or at least share Gordon’s work, as every action like this helps writers to grow and produce more content!

See you next week!

by Bret

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