Silent Hill Screamshots! See what I done there?

I find myself yet again doing a let’s-look-at-some-screenshots post. Which is not a bad thing. For those who havent seen them yet, behold pics of the new Silent Hill game due for release in autumn on Xbox and PS3. These pics are little more than teasers but we can clearly see some encouraging¬†moodyness from the Hill.

Regurgitatum: These new assets illustrate even more spine-tingling moments from Silent Hill: Downpour that are sure to haunt players as KONAMI continues to unveil the deep and dark storyline of this latest Silent Hill thriller.

Making its return to “next generation” consoles this fall, Silent Hill: Downpour brings a completely original storyline, and all-new soundtrack as players find themselves stranded in the foggy, malevolent world of Silent Hill. S ilent Hill: Downpour starts as Murphy Pendleton, the game’s main character, finds himself lost and alone in the woods after his prison transport bus crashes near the town of Silent Hill. What happens after is up to the player as they traverse an all-new environment that is expansive, yet unsettlingly claustrophobic. Though the sleepy town may feel desolate and lonely, players must keep in mind that they are never truly alone in Silent Hill.

The eponymous downpour

Even the gloom is pretty

Upstairs: Men's clothing, household appliances and the carcasses of the innocent

Not Morgan Freeman

Looks like Stoke

The hero of our tale. Probably. The 90's called, they want their haircut back.


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