The Solvenators S01E01 – Food for Thought

The Solvenators S01E01 – Food for Thought

Hello ear owners!


Yes, it’s been a while since Don’t Lose Your Headline ended, but as promised, Phil, Chris and I have not been idle. I’d like to introduce our new show, coming out on Thursdays still with any luck:

The Solvenators!

Whaaaat?! It’s the first EVER Solvenators show! We solvenate all your problems, big or small! We’re qualified to do this, because we’re special clever in the grey sponge!

From survival in life or death situations to the nerve-rending first world problems of the everyday, we come up with the answers that nobody has dared to try before.


To start off: food and drink! Corned beef tins, mouth squelchers, foody sex, cannibalism and pesky social drinking rituals all get solvenated in style.

We want your knicker twisters too! That’s anything that gets your knickers in a twist- pet peeves, annoyances and things you just want to see fixed. Send in your #knickers!

Got a more x-rated problem, to do with sexy times and other after dark things? We’re your agony uncles! Just send in a message with #touchme and we’ll fix it!




by Bret

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