The SHIT List

Guess who’s back, back again!


Yep, I’ve been quiet. Those who follow my social media will have seen a marked increase in moaning and passive whining, because life has been a bit crap and I’m only human.¬†Suffice to say that I’ve entered a new stage in my life. The more pertinent issue is that so far, I’m not very good at it.

However, I’m fully aware that I’ve got it easy compared to many, to most, including others close to me. So I’ve done my best to refrain from being your typical wailing, emo writer type and posting warbling nonsense about sad feels. Mostly, I’ve succeeded.

Further to that, I’ve simply not had the motivation to write or engage. I’d love to say ‘that changes now! Onwards and upwards!’ but life doesn’t work like that. It’s a process of small steps and misfires. That’s how it is for me, anyway.

But there’s no going anywhere without taking the first steps, making some kind of effort of will. That’s what this post is about. Turning inaction into action. Turning ‘what have I done?’ into ‘what can I do?’.

So, I made myself a SHIT list.

Self Happiness Improvement Targets.

Things that I can do to feel less wretched and more vital. Things to push life forwards. Things like:

1. Write more

Yes, obvious really. I have managed to splurt out the odd poem, so the wheels are turning again. Keep an eye out for updates on a new project… plus, yes, Hipster Quest. It’s still out there in Beta mode.

2. Sing more

No, I don’t sing. I’m not a singer. But you know what? It can do wonders for one’s mood. My SHIT list will definitely vary from the next man’s, but this is a damn good thing to have on it. I belt out some tunes in the car and it genuinely puts a smile on my face. Probably to do with serotonin or some shit.

3. Work out more

This helps too, not just with making happy, but with generally improving quality of living. I’ve made a start and this time, I’ll stick to it (remember the Healthening?). This is pretty damn vital, actually.

4. Be better

Aha! Easy peasy. Time to be a better person, friend and family member. This should be easy enough, but I do still get it wrong from time to time, being a bit too self-absorbed or outright stupid. My handful of close friends is vital to me and pretty much the cure for most ills, so this is also vital!

5. Work harder

Yep, get motivated, get creative, work harder on both personal endeavours and my copywriting business. Don’t have much choice, to be fair. It’s time to start being great at what I’m good at.


Well, that’s the SHIT list so far. More to be added, no doubt. They’re not so much targets as passive guidelines, but you get the idea. I’ll break them down into smaller, more target-like steps. Hopefully, that will help with the lack of gusto.

And as the song ‘Bad Moon’ goes…

Motherfucker, I’ll be back from the dead soon.

by Bret

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