Solvenators S01E09 – Chrimbosode

Solvenators S01E09 – Chrimbosode

Merry Christmas to one and all!


Jolly though the festive season may be, there are some parts of yule that need to be solvenated. Don’t worry, these bestest clever elves are all up in Santa’s shit!

So we’re fixing rubbish crackers, Mistletoe miscommunication, novelty presents and more, not to mention your knicker twisters like once a year drinkers and telling waiting staff to smile! All solvenated with impunity. We also play a special randomised version of the Solvenators Guide to Surviving Good (at Christmas!)

We’re taking a break for festivities, but you can get an extra Solvenator dose thanks to our guest appearance on That King Thing’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Check it out!

by Bret

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