Strange Matters Review by Nabila Fairuz

Strange Matters Review by Nabila Fairuz

Just a quick post to share the kind review I received from a fellow writer.


Yes, some may recall that I also read Nabila’s work, The Chronicles of Captain Shelly Manhar.

Nabila has kindly done the same with my book, Strange Matters. Maybe this is a little self-congratulatory but I’m proud of my work and want to share positive reviews!

You can read it here– please do check out Nabila’s site.

What I liked most about these stories are that they are everyday tales, but with the added element of magic makes them become something extraordinary…
…I’d sincerely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in short stories, and fictional pieces that are somewhere between this world and another. I for one, genuinely loved reading them.

Thank you so much, Nabila!

I know people will get a kick out of her work, too. Especially if you like pirates, mysteries and women with attitude.

by Bret

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