DLYHL S05E07 – This Episode is Full of Shit

DLYHL S05E07 – This Episode is Full of Shit

Choo Choo, the Master Debaters are visiting today!


We have guests in the form of Toffa and Sean from the MD crew, which is why this is a long one. We gained their consent!

Phil drives a car that’s on fire, Bret jizzes in his pants in Neros, Chris has some sort of new podcast! Toffa gets stuck in the shitter and Sean does heroic feats of geekdom!

We learn of a music gig with a surprising gimmick and a woman called Lynn with matrimony on her mind. A gang of thieves recreate Through the Keyhole with burglaries and we get a glimpse into CSI: Bavaria. Finally, we have a fun game based on our knowledge of masturbating and genitalia! It’s 2017, it’s fine.

Have fun everyone and please check out Master Debaters at https://soundcloud.com/master-debaters if you want to ramp up the laddish lawks, swearing and strange impressions!

by Bret

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