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Write: Super Something For a Day

Hail, writers and readers!


It never hurts to sharpen one’s writing skills, so why not try a little short exercise? Who knows, it may spark some great ideas or lead onto a full piece of fiction.


Superpower For a Day

So, it’s a classic group question, the kind that often comes up in adviceĀ about breaking the ice (in horrendously unnatural ways) at parties:

If you could choose any super power for a day, what would it be?

Of Webs and Comics

Of Webs and Comics

Salutations, fellow pixel perusers.


A short one today. For today’s blog post, I thought I’d just have a chat about webcomics.

I read eight webcomics regularly and they actually form part of my daily routine. In the morning, when I’m checking out emails from clients or deciding how to structure the day, I pop open all the links on my bookmark bar and see if any comics have updated. It’s a fun way to get started, either with some humour or a little episodic slice of drama.