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The Firebird FREE weekend!

The Firebird FREE weekend!

Hello sailors and sailettes!


If the headline was too obtuse for you, basically, The Firebird is free this weekend. In my own little ‘Black Friday’ giveaway, the novella is 0p from Friday 29th to Sunday 1st, on Amazon. Ebook only, I’m afraid!

Here is a link.

Please do grab a copy while it costs nowt! You might like it, or not. You might never get around to it. In any case, it’s a big help to a struggling novice writer to have those all-important Amazon rankings (and reviews even more so!). Check out the existing reviews if you’re undecided.

That’s all she wrote. The Firebird is a fable, an original folklore tale based on traditional elements from Slavic folklore. The style of writing is heavily angled towards that, with loaded symbolism and formal sentences. Don’t worry, it’s not archaic. It’s fun. Especially if you like a strong female character with a penchant for hunting.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

The Firebird is now available!

The Firebird is now available!

That’s right, my first foray into self publishing has happened.


‘The Firebird’ is one of the short stories from Splinters of Truth, the collection I’ve been harping on about for a year.

For the duration of today and tomorrow (22nd – 23rd September), The Firebird will be free to buy on Amazon! Go on, then. Fill yer boots.

While Splinters is taking longer to edit than expected, I wanted to get The Firebird out now, as a kind of introduction or teaser. Therefore, I’ve used the cover art I had made to go with the former to publish the latter as a standalone novella.