The Healthening – 03/05/12

Hi mortals!

After the dreaded birthday month, weigh-in time came with much apprehension.

The target for my weight loss was, roughly, 2 stones for 4 months. I started out fast, but slowed considerably through late March and April, as my resolve plummeted like a North Korean missile.

The result… today I weighed in at 14 stones, having lost 2 stones over 4 months. Bingo and/or Disco!

Well, I was as surprised as you, but heavily chuffed. I’m on target, pretty much, though it is becoming increasingly clear that I will have to step up the exercise elements in order to keep up this rate of loss. I currently only do one, maybe two workouts a week- hoping that the arrival of Kinect into my life will remedy that.

As for my diet, well… it’s not great. Having said that, I have done pretty much what I set out to do: I have lowered my portions massively without changing my habits too much. Bear in mind that I wanted to achieve the idle man’s weight loss program… how do you like that, gym androids?

I still eat the same rubbish, just within limits; cheese, crisps, occasional takeaways and all the rest. I haven’t adopted much in the way of healthy eating, except for a bit more veg and much less Coke. While this leaves room for improvement, it has still been effective and satisfactory.

Basically, not much ‘healthening’ going on, but I have lost weight and feel better, without busting too many of my balls. I can start doing more revolutionary things at a later date.

Until then, om nom nom.



Weight at end of month four: 14 stone (196 pounds)

Very much on track!


by Bret

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