The Healthening – 29/03/12

Oh, March, you are a vile temptress. Holidays, anniversaries- all the things that make more food go in than normal. Yes, I have slipped again, but not awfully so. I’ve still managed to lose weight, just took longer!

The lovely sunniness has finally arrived in the UK, which inevitably means more exercise. The whole thing is just far more palatable when the outside isn’t wet. Walking is totally doable.

So, I aim to enter April with a new resolve- no more slips. Takeaways and such will be kept few and far between. My birthday will undoubtedly involve something nommy- but that’s allowed, god damn you.

As the sun comes out, the tops come off. Some would be disheartened by the array of thin blokes wandering around topless, but not I. We must remember that they look stupid. I may be rounder, but at least I don’t look like I’m off to find a gypsy wedding (big, fat or otherwise).



Weight at end of month three: 14 stone, 6 pounds (202 pounds)

A stone and a half loss from the start of January! More or less on track.



by Bret

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