Bethesda simply have cool coming out the wazoo.

Behold: the addition of Kinect controls to the Xbox 360 version of the game is due to implemented this month in a free patch!

Got to love a game which gets added to and improved for free. On a similar, but likely not-free note, the first true add-ons for game content are also on their way- new quests, locations and features.

Until then the new patch will feature over 200 voice commands. The full list has not been revealed just yet, but will be soon according to Beth.

What we do know about is voice commands for: shouts (awesome!), hotkeys, follower commands, and all menus- from the game menus like the map to things like bartering and even quick save and load.

There will be hints of new menu fuctionality too, like more hotkeying and the ability to sort inventory items by name, weight, and value.

Just the ability to swap weapons without a thumb crash excites me- but being able to actually shout ‘Fus Ro Dah!’ at the TV is absolutely disco.


It’s official: hands are for girls. Check out this amusingly-voiced fellow demonstrating his shouts and quick-equipping items (which looks incredibly useful for a bow/dagger type like myself).



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