The Saga of Sweetangel – Part 1

Hi chaps and chapettes;

I haven’t got anything pointful to say today, so instead of Our Daily Beard, you’re getting part one of a rather long poem story thing.

Hope you like it- more parts to follow, on other days when I have nothing to say!


The Saga of Sweetangel


In the city of Saltpetre,

Between the Last Sea and the First Mountain,

Lived the strongest and strangest of folk.

They were known simply as Dirtlings,

The outcasts and flotsam of the wide world,

With no nation or flag to invoke.


There were Karkars, and Findlishmen,

Some Hashmiri atop ellingfant steeds,

And shaman from lost Ubu Ubu.

There were tree-saints and sand-sailors,

Electrum engineers and noblemen,

Yet Saltpetre’s finest were these two:


Findlishmen Longthorn and Poulter,

Of the firm Longthorn, Poulter and Elsewise,

Solved crimes and found lost things for payment.

Elsewise was a silent partner,

Longthorn was a Pope’s Navy deserter,

And Poulter, a crow in man’s raiment.

by Bret

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