The Saga of Sweetangel – Part 2


Today’s post is a continuation of said poem story! You may have to check back to remind yourself of the intro here.


On the eve of the First of Rain,

When the nights were long and the gutters full,

A Karkar girl found the detectives.

“No room for beggars,” said Poulter,

“Give the poor urchin a crust,” said Longthorn.

“I don’t want no food,” she protested.


“My name is Turtle,” said the child,

“I been told that your firm unloses things,”

“And my sister has sudden come gone.”

“An urchin can’t pay,” said Poulter,

“We’ll take the case anyways”, said Longthorn,

And he bid that Turtle’s tale go on.


Saltpetre had many orphans,

The girls Turtle and Frog lived among them,

But two nights ago Frog disappeared.

She was hunting for spent lodeshells,

Electrum men paid a penny for each,

To feed the machines they engineered.


“I searched all night long,” said Turtle,

“I asked about Frog in alleys and dens,”

“But they all had the same thing to say.”

“Sweetangel has taken the girl,”

“Sweetangel takes young and old, rich and poor,”

“Sweetangel takes good people away,”


More to follow, have a good one!

by Bret

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