The Saga of Sweetangel – Part 3


More Sweetangel! (There’s loads).

Have a good Woden’s Day!


Poulter and Longthorn shared glances,

The girl spoke of things best left unspoken,

Sweetangel was a creature of myth.

An urban legend, a fay-tale,

Dark Sweetangel comes to catch and kidnap,

None know why, or see its face and live.


“Turtle, you ask us for too much,”

“A case we just cannot take,” said Longthorn,

“You can’t go looking for Sweetangel.”

“Bollock and fie!” shouted Poulter,

“We will take the case, and take it for free,”

“I’ll find that foul thing if I’m able.”


“Not like you to give charity,”

“Or to pursue a case this ill-fated,”

“Have you misplaced your wits?” asked Longthorn.

“You know me quite well,” said Poulter,

“But you do not know why I turned gumshoe,”

“Sweetangel took my heart and left scorn.”


So Longthorn asked no more of him,

And the private eyes went forth with Turtle,

Searching high and low for little Frog.

They asked questions in shady pubs,

They asked the Ubus if they had heard aught,

And they wandered through streets swathed in fog.



by Bret

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