The Saga of Sweetangel – Part 5

Yeah, more Sweetangel!

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Longthorn cleared his throat politely,

“Good woman, have you seen a Karkar girl?”

He asked over the din of machines.

“I seen a good many” said Pearl,

“Dirtlings of every kind come around here,”

“Detectives, beggars, shaman and queens.”


“The girl is but small,” said Poulter,

“Twin of this urchin you see before you,”

“Who fears she was taken… by something.”

Mrs Pearl regarded Turtle,

“I’m sorry, but I recall no such girl,”

“No doubt Sweetangel took the lostling.”


Well Turtle’s eyes grew wide with fear,

“What do you know about dire Sweetangel?”

“The taken ones must end up somewhere.”

“They go the sea,” she replied,

“Where everything lost and unwanted goes,”

“Leave me in peace and search for Frog there.”


She instantly knew she’d slipped up,

And the detectives noticed her mistake:

“No name passed our lips,” accused Poulter.

She raised up a lode-lock pistol,

Hidden among the tools on her workbench,

As her façade began to falter.


by Bret

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