The Saga of Sweetangel – Part 6

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She aimed the gun at Poulter’s chest,

“Now I gone and said something I shouldn’t,”

“How much coin to make you go away?”

“We’ve been hired to find the lost girl,”

“And cannot end our contract,” said Poulter,

“Not until you confess your foul play.”


Mrs Pearl made no more protest,

Instead she fired her pistol at Poulter,

With a bright blue spark from the lodeshell.

The round bullet flew straight and true,

Hitting the detective square in the heart,

And so that was how old Poulter fell.


Longthorn was made for such moments,

Without hesitation he charged at her,

Even as she swapped pistol for blade.

He launched a fist at her fair face,

Too fast for her to stop him with her knife,

And she knew that she aught be afraid.


He hit her once and then once more,

He twisted the knife from her grip with ease,

Then Longthorn threw the proud woman down.

But she had one more gun hidden,

A lady’s blunderkiss in her apron,

Which she drew with a snarl and a frown.


by Bret

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