The Sound of Tinkling Steel

The Sound of Tinkling Steel



Quick blog post for you tonight, before I record a new Don’t Lose Your Headline. Remember that? The comedy podcast with crazy news stories, hasty bluffing and megaswears? The last one was a Christmas special, so I recommend you catch up, lest you miss out on 2015’s premier ad-lib Santa haiku.

This one’s for fellow writers, I suppose. I was making a cuppa tea (I have it here now. Still nice and hot. Asda brand… so you know, middling) and it struck me how much I like the sound of the spoon rattling around the cup as the tea is stirred.

A few inches of stainless steel, tinkling against a porcelain rim, as sugar, milk and tea are stirred together into a tasty beverage. The sound is very commonplace, but I was struck with a sudden feeling of well-being, which I realised was a sort of sound memory. I associate that sound with home, with mum’s tea, with getting home from work or school or getting up on a wintery morning and being comforted by a boiled, evergreen shrub from Asia.

Seriously, though; I realised that I love that sound. I draw comfort from it, as I’m sure we all do, or if not from stirring tea then from other mundane sounds. This kind of memory/emotional response is familiar with smells, but less so with sounds, I feel. So my writer’s tip for the day is to think again about the sounds in your story; when setting the scene and describing all that the characters can sense, consider sounds both grand and mundane. They set a certain scale and tone that people often overlook. My tip for non-writers is to listen more and drink tea.

Right, tea’s getting cold. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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