Txtlit Competition Win

Txtlit Competition Win



Updating the blog today to announce that I’ve been successful in a writing competition!


I’m over the moon about this, my first competition win. I’m very grateful to the folks at txtlit. This has given me a confidence boost that will surely help me complete my current work quickly.

About txtlit: this is a website which hosts a fantastic flash fiction competition. The gist is that they specialise in stories so short that they can fit into a text message- specifically 153 characters!

Here’s my winning entry for July.

It’s an interesting challenge, writing a story in so small a space. Every word has to be picked with immense care. Every letter and punctuation mark, too. I urge anyone to have a go at the competition, or even just try it for practise. Exercise that writing muscle.

Good luck to everyone else currently trying for writing competitions!

I’m in the midst of editing my short stories, with an aim to revamping Splinters of Truth with new content and a new title, for a self-pub launch.

Have fun!

by Bret

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