Where I’m At

Where I’m At


Just a quick post to let everyone know what’s going on in the world of moi.

Well, first up, writing.

I’m still working on my super secret game project, but it’s due for release in the coming month! Very exciting times. It may lead to more game writing work. I’ve been spending a ton of time on it and the learning process has been very interesting.

That has stolen a lot of time from my personal work. Splinters of Truth is still being edited- I know, I know! However, we’re three stories in. I’ve taken a little break from it to do something I said I’d do last year…

Finish ‘The Wordsmith’. You remember the choose-your-adventure experiment? Well, I’m just starting work on editing those parts into a cohesive new version, then I’ll write the rest of the story! Kate, Obie and the hyenas will return!

Meanwhile, life goes on as normal. I’m nearly at the end of Black Flag (yes, games last that long with me!). While we may stand on the brink of WW3, day-to-day I’m still working for the man and trying to do as much copywriting as I can. Oh, I’ve been fluctuating like mad on the weight loss, too. Regained a pile, but chipping it away again now. I know, discipline! All my mental strength goes on writing, not quitting my job and trying to repair my washing machine. It irks me, spinning devil.

See you soon folks and roll on summer!

by Bret

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