Wordsmith Scene 3

Wordsmith Scene 3

Kate bolted for the gate- fortunately it was unlocked. She pushed through and turned to slam it behind her.


A dark muzzle pushed into the opening. The second Hyena threw itself against the gate while the first wedged in, both surprisingly strong. Kate let out a cry of alarm.

“Help me!” she commanded Obie.

He stepped in, slamming the gate shut with ease. He plucked a rebar from the ground and wedged it into the chain links to keep it closed.

The hyenas began to prowl, until they found a section of the fence that was on soft earth. They began to dig their way under.

“What’s going on here?!” asked Kate, but Obie could not answer.

He took her hand and began to run; through the back of the yard, into tight alleyways. Kate freed her hand, frightened by his strength, but more so by the yipping and barking behind her.

They flew down shadowy alleys that had no names, Kate grazing her hands on rough brickwork as she felt her way in the near-darkness. Soon they were in a tight tunnel formed by two low walls.

Then she heard a low growl; down a side alley stood another Hyena. The two pursuing them appeared behind her, and another ahead. She and Obie were trapped. He turned to her with sad eyes and took hold of her by the waist. Before she could argue, he lifted her, very easily, up onto wall.

The hyenas attacked as soon as his back was turned, ferociously snatching at his legs. They made the high-pitched yapping sound that people liked to say was like laughter. Kate could see the comparison; there was something gleeful and derisive about their noises. Obie fought them, swinging his great fists.

Another Hyena arrived, this one bigger, with ragged tufts along its shoulders. It threw itself against Obie, knocking him down. He kicked out with enough power to break a rib (she heard it snap) but hit one of the smaller hyenas- the big one was too close. Obie seemed to panic, unsure of what to do, powerful but clumsy. He could free himself if he used his strength properly. He shouted out as teeth and claws tore at this skin, though the hyena seemed to be enjoying itself, not going for a kill.

Kate watched from her perch, while two of the five hyenas began trying to reach her.

Kate has two choices which may mean life or death. You decide by commenting below:

  1. Drop down the other side of the wall and try to find help.
  2. Talk Obie out of his panic and tell him what to do.


by Bret

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