Your Own Adventure (Choose It)

Your Own Adventure (Choose It)

Hello interneteriat.


I want to conduct a little experiment to see whether a Facebook page (or blog) can be used as a medium to tell a story- specifically, a ‘choose your own adventure’ story that would capitalise on the interactive nature of social media.

To that end, I have a text-based adventure for you, dear readers. This is a short supernatural story set in the modern world (for ease of description, etc) and would simply involve you folks making decisions at key points to progress the story.

You can partake on Facebook or my blog by commenting (but don’t do both at the same time for the sake of tallying results. The most popular choice wins.

Each post will be a ‘scene’. Each scene will have one or more decisions that resolve it, which you can vote for by commenting with 1, 2, 3, etc.

To gauge level of interest and give it a quick test, I’m going to let you choose the story’s protagonist. The tale will be set in modern-day London, unless a sudden whimsy takes hold of me to move it.

  1. Kate ‘Karma’ Glover, 20 year old programmer and hacker. A little unsociable but bearing great willpower.
  2. Youssef Khalid, 40 year old shopkeeper and amateur boxer. Disillusioned but very kind and capable.
  3. Stephen Atwood, 30 year old mechanic and ex-con. Conflicted and angry but unerringly loyal.

What say you?



by Bret

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