Wordsmith – Scene 1

Wordsmith – Scene 1

Based on votes here and on my blog, our heroine will be Kate ‘Karma’ Glover. Welcome to…




Kate cursed under her breath as the bus she was pursuing pulled away, the driver ignorant to her embarrassed half-jog. Yet again, she’d missed the bus home and would have to trudge through the dark streets of London to the nearest tube station. Pulling her hoody tight, she ignored the bite of the autumn breeze and started walking down the small, deserted street.

To her right was a chain-link fence. Beyond that was a little overgrown wasteland, a sofa-and-trolley graveyard. She wouldn’t have looked twice at the place if not for the sudden wail of sadness.

Kate froze. She knew better than to investigate a strange cry from a shadowy yard, but the voice had sounded pained and desperate. Perhaps someone else would come by. Perhaps she should look for a police officer.

Peering through the fence, she saw the flash of wide, white eyes in the shadows. As her own eyes adjusted, she could just make out the shaven head of a black youth, crouched behind a rusty, discarded refrigerator. He stared at her and she stared back.

You decide by commenting below. Should Kate:

  1. Approach the youth
  2. Go home
  3. Try calling to him



by Bret

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