Calling Indie Authors!

Calling Indie Authors!

Yes, you! Book reading guy and/or gal!


A short and sweet blog post today to just remind everyone that I’m always on the lookout for book reviews.

My collection of fantasy, myth and magic, STRANGE MATTERS, is available as an eBook and print book right now. This much I suspect you know already!

But not everyone else does. Spreading the word about a new book is vital for an author, plus it’s very important for keeping the independent book scene moving. That’s why I’m asking anyone who has a book of their own, or indeed a podcast, art portfolio or any other creative endeavour, to lend me a hand.

I review your work, you review mine! I can send out free e-copies of Strange Matters to anyone who has time to give it a read and leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, Google Play, their own blog- anywhere is useful! Reviews can be brutally honest and just a sentence is enough to help out a fellow writer. I’ll gladly read and review the work of other indie authors (et al) in return!

So, get in touch if you’re interested. You can grab me via bret at bretallen dot info, or through the contact form on my About page, or indeed via the social links at the very top.

I look forward to reading more indie fiction!

by Bret

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