DLYHL S03E09 – The Adventures of Florida Man

DLYHL S03E09 – The Adventures of Florida Man

Time to find out who wins the podcast for season 3!


This week, we get to the bottom of who’s on top as Chris and Bret go head to head, to see who loses season 3 of everyone’s favourite news comedy fakery podcast thingy!

The merciless Chris and hairy Bret go head to head in our heavyweight episode! With Phil out in front by a megachunk of points, it seemed only fitting for Bret and Chris to duke it out to see who ends up in third place, facing a forfeit. Just one on one, that’s the way we do it baby!
We learn when being peed on by a peepee boy is sexual and non-sexual, we delve deeper than ever into the Adventures of Florida Man (from degrading selfies to propane combat) and we find out just how hard it is to fake our stories on the fly. Some celebrities get horribly slandered, so… please don’t sue!

Enjoy the show- pop over to www.dontloseyourheadline.net to get in touch with us, or use the links on my site to contact me!

by Bret

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