Dark Souls 2 gets Lost Crowns DLC Trilogy

Dark Souls 2 gets Lost Crowns DLC Trilogy

You know Dark Souls 2? Well, it’s longerer, now.


From Software have furnished us with a trilogy of interlinked DLC modules centered around the Lost Crowns, three crowns that once belonged to King Vendrick. You know, the giant bloke with no clothes on who wanders in circles.

Exact details on how the DLC will be activated are not yet forthcoming (in DS1, a lot of people had to start over to get the DLC, due to the need to get a certain item at a certain time). We do know that part 1 will be accessed from a deep part of Black Gulch.

Clicky twice for bigger images! I used the captions that came directly from Bandai Namco. Something was lost in translation, but it makes them more fun to read, so I left them in their original glory.


Crown of the Sunken King will be available on 22/07/14 on Xbox and Steam, or the day after for PS3.

Set deep underground, a slew of new enemies and bosses await you. Yay, underground, my favourite. Supposedly this is one of the more difficult levels designed by From.


Crown of the Old Iron King will be available on 26/08/14 on Xbox and Steam, the day after for PS3.

Set in a massive tower engulfed by black mist, this DLC promises dark sorcery, flames and treacherous paths. Yay, falling deaths!


Crown of the Ivory King will be available on 23/09/14 on Xbox and Steam, the day after for PS3.

This pack is set in an ancient temple wrung with freezing storms, towering walls and a ‘hollowing emptiness’ (now that’s very Dark Souls). There will be some kind of elemental enemies and low visibility. I picture the Painted World from DS1, mixed with Dead Space 3.



I’m looking forward to these- they give the impression of being better planned than the DLC in DS1. More Dark Souls is always welcome, of course! Quite how the three crowns operate and interact is a mystery, like all things in the game. All we know is that Vendrick liked his head-wear, but was rather careless with it.

See your own eyes what happens next!



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