DLYHL S04E06 – The F U Fairy

DLYHL S04E06 – The F U Fairy

Woops, there it is.


We beg for forgiveness! As the podcast will explain, we had an audio glitch on this episode and were unable to use it. Thanks, technology!

But we have still recorded a rough and ready episode for you- no points scoring, just nattering about the news stories we’ve found and playing an impromptu game of You Couldn’t Make It Up! (thanks to Geoff Tibballs for his handy random book!)

Expect some embarrassing stories to help you get to know us, a tale of cinnamon cans (featuring a dire Arnie impression) and a story about kids whacking people with trolleys!

Enjoy the show- pop over to www.dontloseyourheadline.net to get in touch with us, or use the links on my site to contact me!

by Bret

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