DLYHL S05E09 – Always Swim Upstream

DLYHL S05E09 – Always Swim Upstream

Greetings for… what’s the day after Women’s Day? Boxing Women? That doesn’t seem right.


We’ve been sooo busy this week; Bret’s flogging his book for free, Chris is rummaging in drawers (ooer) and Phil is sorting cards to the point of madness!

This week we have the story of a man who’s so mad at his boss, he has >= 5 ways to kill him (featuring a special guest appearance!). We try our hand at creating some conspiracy theories (which don’t go well for the ladies. Understanding of satire required ahead) and finally we have the news of a Smart Condom which can tell you just how you measure up!

Have fun, don’t get the doubt set it and please join in with Serial Japist!

by Bret

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