DLYHL S06E06 – 99 Problems

DLYHL S06E06 – 99 Problems

This week, it’s a sex soundtrack special! You can put the podcast on while you’re getting down and dutty, and we will make you giggle and offer useful hints and encouragement.

Phil is having yet more cycling mishaps, Chris doesn’t see an orchestra (whut?) and Bret has a proposition for all our listeners! If you’re single and looking to date, today might be your lucky day!

While you’re making the beast with two backs, listen to our fun news stories and games! Police in America struggle to capture a notorious criminal with a surprising nickname, we examine the tale of a couple who had sex in a restaurant (and wouldn’t even pay) and we hear a series of Yahoo questions from people who shouldn’t have keyboards! But which of these are real and which are fake?

Take off your pants, switch on your bullshit detector and don’t forget to join in with our #headlies and #limerekd poems!

by Bret

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