Hipster Quest Needs Testers!

Hipster Quest Needs Testers!

Hold onto your pelvis, something stylish and aloof this way comes…


Over the last year I’ve dropped the odd hint about a game I’ve been working on- not a sexy paid gig for a AAA title, but a personal project. A labour of love. A portfolio piece which provided me with equal Kevin (Sewerditch rhyming slang for ‘consternation’) and amusement. Introducing…



So what is it? It’s a free, Choose Your Own Adventure, text-based game. You read and click the options that you want the character to take. Here’s a link to the game!

It’s also a comedy, so don’t expect everything to make sense. It broadly pokes fun at Hipsters, at fantasy RPGs and sometimes at Chavs and Goths. Does anyone say Chav any more?

The idea started with a silly conversation with a friend, about RPG games which go too far with breaking the mold. Games where you don’t have a character sheet, just an emotion, a dice with colours instead of numbers and a combat system conducted with facial expressions. We got onto Hipsters and how they would fare in fantasy worlds- drinking only organic health potions and calling elves ‘Elder Thaumiforms’ and whatnot. Shit, should’ve used that one in the game…

So, coupled with the desire to write a silly, simple game for my portfolio, Hipster Quest was born. The main point of the game is to demonstrate that I know how games are made, how to structure markers and is/and/or tests, etc. For example, if you choose to punch a poo, the marker ‘punchpoo’ is set to 1 and later on, if punchpoo = 1, then the game tells you ‘don’t punch poo’.

I mean, forget all that when you’re reading. Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!

So, Hipster Quest has now entered, roughly speaking, Beta testing phase. That means that I need folks to read it and tell me if it’s done broke! The game is free to play, by the way- you just follow this link and there you go. One day, I may convert it to Kindle, but I need to be sure that it works first.

So if you have a go, let me know! Specifically, tell me if the text doesn’t make sense (ie someone who died comes back to life with no explanation) or if you find it too hard or easy. It’s really hard to tell if people will pick the wrong choices, when you write them yourself. Maybe nobody will get past the third chapter, or maybe nobody will ever fail at all.

Drop me a line on the comments here, or via my various social media at the top of the page!

Enjoy Hipster Quest and stay hip, everyone!


by Bret

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