DLYHL S04E09 – Freddy Says Relax

DLYHL S04E09 – Freddy Says Relax

Monday occurred again!


Hello and welcome to Don’t Lose Your Headline!

It’s not the penultimate episode, because we’re going to make this season longer. Longer is always better, right?

Chris has PSVR, Phil tries to eat himself to death and Bret’s as merry as Jack. We also have news stories! A man guilty of *blank* destruction causes a fuss in the shopping centre, while his wife waves a *blank* and they run through *blank* while *blanking*. Bear with it, folks.

There’s a case of a stolen brain. Why? Drugs! We’re all for experimentation, but there’s a limit. The limit is the skull. In Head to Headlines we argue the toss (pun intended) about the legality and morality of pumping in public. Is it ok if it’s too dark to see?

Lastly: thanks to our Russian correspondent Ash and his Russian boy-source Regulus who confirmed the whole beaver thing for us.


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by Bret

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