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Strange Matters New Printing and Halloween Sale!

Strange Matters New Printing and Halloween Sale!

Spooky and thrifty!


Yes, it’s that time of year again. Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Samhain, Ghostober, whatever you call it.

How could a self-respecting author of strange and sometimes rather dark fantasy not put his book on sale during such a time? When the veil between wallet and checkout is so thin?

You can grab Strange Matters in many eBook formats (including mobi for Kindle) from Smashwords RIGHT HERE, using code RK77F to get 66% off (that makes it $0.99 or £0.81). This offer is only on until the 1st November, so grab a new Halloween read to give you some chills during the strange nights of Samhain!

Strange Matters is a collection of short stories. I recommend ‘They Found Him Weeping’ for something on the horror end of the spectrum.

But wait! What if you like books in paper format? Strange Matters can’t get much cheaper via Amazon, sadly, but it can get and did will have got cheaper on Drive Thru Fiction!

That’s right, Strange Matters has now joined the independent online bookstore Drive Thru Fiction, part of the Drive Thru RPG network. Not only is it cheaper there (£6.49, compared to £8.99 on Amazon) but it’s also a whole new printing format, using Lightning Source. This version of the book has a gloss cover and it’s a chunk thinner and lighter. I’m really pleased with the quality- check it out!


Enjoy and have a good Halloween-


Hipster Quest Needs Testers!

Hipster Quest Needs Testers!

Hold onto your pelvis, something stylish and aloof this way comes…


Over the last year I’ve dropped the odd hint about a game I’ve been working on- not a sexy paid gig for a AAA title, but a personal project. A labour of love. A portfolio piece which provided me with equal Kevin (Sewerditch rhyming slang for ‘consternation’) and amusement. Introducing…

Dark Souls 2 Update

Dark Souls 2 Update

Just a quick post to comment on some things I said in my first-look review.


I’ve been playing Dark Souls 2 ‘proper’ now. I’m not much further (kept dying, innit) but a larger view of the game is available to me now.

First up, a quick correction to my review. Remember I said that I got into a coffin and nothing happened, then my character randomly became female, which might have been a bug? No bug, just game designers trolling us.

Had I but make a small logical leap I’d have realised that getting into the coffin changes your gender. Just like in real life!