Our Daily Beard – 30/01/13

Halloo, glorious day for it!


Well, I’m resolved to post more.  Don’t let the title fool you- if it actually becomes daily, I’ll eat my hat, while wearing it. To make this viable and avoid clashing with my busy schedule, I’ve decided that these posts can be super short. We’re talking 100 words or thereabouts.

That’s few!


What to talk about today? I was trying to think of something fun to do on Twitter today and I have half of an idea. It involves grabbing your copy of American Gods, finding a page and line based on the date or time (maybe time for more variance? I’m not yet sure if the idea is for other people to play along) and posting it.

Today was page 9, line 13: ‘…got a second chance. Make the most of it.’

Not sure yet if that’s the end of the game- just people comparing lines from American Gods to gleam some vague amusement or insight (it was a fairly poignant line to happen upon). Would prefer the game to be more interactive, but what’s the next step? Within the confines of Twitter? Maybe turn said line (or part of it) into a hashtag and get people’s thoughts on it?

Bah, I’ll think upon it. My twitter link is on the right sidebar (@maverickagent).


by Bret

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