Our Daily Beard – 27/02/13

Not much to report today!

Progress with the Sleepwalkers project is slow, but it’s taking form slowly.

I’ve made lots of little changes and a few major ones, but I’m determined to do a good chunk of the planning in advance of the writing.

That’s the opposite of my normal technique (I’m a diver-in) but this time I wanted to streamline the process and have as new nasty surprises as possible. After all, I’ve never done a full length novel before.

Some things you can be certain of: we’re looking at an urban story focusing on the initial plunge into the Sleepwalker setting for a new character. It’s comparable to the initial ‘embrace’ in Vampire: The Masquerade, but nobody gets bitten- at least, not in any darkly romantic ways.

So that’ll be fun. No updates on the Splinters of Truth situation just yet, but keep close to the edge of your seats!

Until then, ooh I think I’ll watch Wreck-it-Ralph and finish Assassin’s Creed 3.

Now, which mission is it where the natives rise up and drive the white devils back into the sea?


by Bret

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