The Saga of Sweetangel – Part 4

More! Behold:


The thing they didn’t tell Turtle,

Was that they rarely found missing people,

And most detectives won’t even try.

No point in searching or hoping,

When Sweetangel took what he or she pleased,

And Dirtlings could but turn a blind eye.


Poulter and Longthorn were careful,

It was unwise to ask of Sweetangel,

For Saltpetre was superstitious.

They spoke to their best informants,

They found a drunk who had seen Frog that night,

And his tale was quite suspicious.


Tatty Jack was the drunkard’s name,

Poulter plied his tongue with malt-barley brew,

Until he said that he’d seen the girl.

“She had a bounty of lodeshells,”

“She took them to the electrum quarter,”

“To the workshop of Everys Pearl.”


So Longthorn, Poulter and Turtle,

Made good haste through the pale fog and black night,

To the electrum engineer’s shop.

A pale Findlishwoman answered,

Mrs Pearl, decked in forge mask and apron,

Harvesting her electrical crop.


by Bret

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